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Plano 5

Visitors to Plano Texas can explore the city’s rich history and cultural attractions. The Heritage Farmstead Museum features restored 19th-century tools and a schoolroom replica from 1895. You can also visit the Interurban Railway Museum to learn about the history of the Texas Electric Railway. The nature preserve at Oak Point Park offers trails that wind through the land. The Southfork Ranch was the setting for the hit TV show, “Dallas.” Browse around this site

The population of Plano, Texas, increased over the years. In 1900, the population of the city was only 1,304, but in 1970 it grew to 17,872 and 71,500. As the population continued to increase, the city also benefited from public works projects and tax changes that improved public infrastructure. In 2010, the population was over 72,000. The population of Plano has been steadily growing ever since, with over 99,3 males for every 100 females.

The town has several major attractions, making it a wonderful place for residents and visitors alike. Downtown Plano is a picturesque area full of historic buildings and colorful outdoor murals. The city is also home to the largest playground in Texas, Haggard Park, and the National Register-listed Interurban Railway Museum. In addition to historical sites, the town has a vibrant arts and cultural scene and is a good base for exploring the city.

Point of Interest #1 Bear Bay Seafood Kitchen, 1104 W Parker Rd #600, Plano, TX 75075

Point of Interest #2 Kiosk Brazil, 915 W Parker Rd Suite 300, Plano, TX 75023 Check it out here

Point of Interest #3 Plano Event Center, 2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 7507