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Best Things to do in Richardson, TX

Richardson is one of the main cities in Dallas County, and is home to the University of Texas at Dallas campus. While this large city feels primarily like an education district, there’s a unique charm to Richardson when you get out and explore what all it has to offer. With a melting pot of cultural influence making it unlike the rest of Texas, there’s all kinds of restaurants, attractions, and museums to visit. If you’re unsure of where to start once you arrive, here’s a list of some of the must-see attractions in Richardson, Texas. 

DFW Chinatown

While a Chinatown in Texas might be surprising, you’ll find there’s a lot to love about this pocket of Richardson. Richardson is full of South Asian culture, and Chinatown sits at the heart of it. This shopping center is decorated as a Chinese temple, and is full of restaurants, locally-owned shops, and even its own supermarket, for you to stock up on regional items if you’d like to cook something up on your own. This is a great place for spontaneous travelers to go on a walk and see where it takes them, or for families to enjoy a unique shopping or dining experience.

Four Bullets Brewery

The Four Bullets Brewery is a poker and casino themed locally-owned brewery that’s open seven days a week. Started by two friends in the early two thousands, this bar eventually went on to house its own brewing system, allowing them to brew a variety of specialty blends, all available on their menu. Whether you’re a fan of dark, hearty beers or lighter beers with sweeter, floral undertones, the Four Bullets Brewery probably has something you’ll love. The bar also hosts live music from a range of local artists, and has a warm southern atmosphere, great for relaxing after a long day. 

Dr Pepper StarCenter

Formerly known as the Ice Training Center, this skating rink is a great place to ice skate any time of the year. The center has two skating rinks and a pro shop, and is a great way to have fun while getting out of the Texas heat. The refreshing arctic air is sure to help you feel refreshed and ready for the rest of your day. You can even catch hockey tournaments at the Dr Pepper StarCenter, featuring the Dallas Stars.

Cottonwood Park

If you’re looking for a good place to have a family picnic or take a scenic walk, you can’t go wrong with visiting Cottonwood Park. This park, located at the center of Richardson, is known for its large and highly populated duck pond, giving park visitors the chance to get an up-close experience with the waterfowl residents of the city. Explore tree-shaded walkways and rolling green hills, or catch one of the many festivals held at Cottonwood Park throughout the year. This park is a peaceful spot to get away from the bustle and noise of city life, and a great place for families to get some down time. 


Started by the large Southern Asian population in Richardson, FunAsia is a special movie theater dedicated to showing Indian and South Asian films. The movie theater has a charming feeling unique from what you’d typically find in Texas, and offers typical concessions, like popcorn and candy, as well as fresh food like pizza. All films shown at FunAsia have English subtitles, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of the plot. If you’re looking to shake up your movie-going routine, FunAsia in Richardson is a great place to go.

Sherrill Park Golf Course

The Sherrill Park Golf Course is regarded as the primary golfing location in Richardson, and for good reason! With two different golf courses to choose from, both sprawling over hills and plains of luscious grass, it’s no wonder why this gold course continues to win awards on a regular basis. This golf course has options for golfers of all skill levels, so no matter your needs, you’ll be able to have a fun game. If you’re looking to improve your golfing skills, Sherrill Park Golf Course even offers classes and training courses for adults and children. You can also buy professional level golfing equipment from their shop, or catch golfing tournaments regularly hosted at the course. 

Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts

The Eisemann center for the Performing Arts is located in the Galatyn Park Urban Center, right at the heart of Richardson’s thriving business district, and is a common destination for business conferences, as well as live performing arts shows of all sorts, including plays, orchestras, and performances from local dance companies. For visual art lovers, there’s a public gallery of gorgeous art to see, as well as a free Public Artwalk offered by the Eisemann center. The true centerpiece of this art collection is the light sculpture, The Seven Muses, made by world-renowned artist Stephen Knapp in 2006. This unique wall-mounted piece shines beautifully no matter what time of day you visit, and it’s worth taking the time out of your trip to see it up close. 

Heights Family Aquatic Center

The Heights Family Aquatic Center is the perfect place to let your little ones get their energy out. This aquatic center is home to many pools for all kinds of swimmers, including a leisure pool, a whirlpool, water slides, and even a shallow pool with a playground for younger children. When you’re done with swimming, you can hop out of the pool and lounge on one of the tanning chairs. The Heights Family Aquatic Center even offers pool toys for children to play with, as well as swim lessons for adults and children.

Richardson Farmer’s Market

The Richardson Farmer’s Market is a great showcase of all the local businesses in the city. If you’re interested in supporting local vendors and seeing what they have to offer, you’re sure to love this market. Though it can sometimes feel more like a flea market, depending on who comes to sell their goods, there’s plenty of locally grown food for sale at this market that most likely beats what you can get from the grocery store. The Richardson Farmer’s Market is right next to Cottonwood Park, making it easily accessible for park or art festival visitors. 


Sitting at the perfect spot between the city and its surrounding suburbs, CityLine is a hub in Richardson that offers 186 acres of entertainment for you to choose from. You can find anything from restaurants and wine tastings to outdoor yoga classes and live entertainment in this busy district. Even a simple walk through the area comes with the promise of beautiful landscaping and outdoor plazas to enjoy. Visitors can easily spend two to three hours exploring this expansive district that flows through Richardson. With easy access to highways, biking trails, and the DFW airport, it’s easy to drop in and out of the CityLine during your travels. 

Prairie Creek Park

For nature lovers looking to take a scenic stroll, or photographers looking to catch the nature beauty of Texas, you can’t go wrong with Prairie Creek Park. This heavily wooded park lets you enjoy the outdoors while staying out of the Texas heat, and its creek has beautiful waterfalls that make for great pictures. This is a great place for couples or families to enjoy a picnic, or for spontaneous travelers to set off on their own adventures. It’s hard to resist getting sucked into the calming walking trails, completed with information about the native trees you’ll see during your visit. For an up-close look at the creek, wanderers can go off the trail and watch the water flow from the surrounding rocks. With a heavily populated ecosystem of trees, flowers, turtles, and fish to admire, you’ll love exploring everything the Prairie Creek Park has to offer. 

Lockwood Distilling Company

The Lockwood Distilling Company is a humble distillery and restaurant that works hard to capture the simple charms of Texas life. This distillery, founded by Sally and Evan Batt as a way to show love to their community, offers indoor table and bar seating, as well as a cozy patio section. Their menu is simple and easy to love, taking inspiration from classic Southern cuisine with entrees like Shrimp and Grits and their Catfish ‘Po Boy. Lockwood Distilling Company also hosts live music every Friday -Sunday from local country artists. Tables tend to fill up fast, so be sure to make a reservation if you don’t want to miss out on everything Lockwood Distilling Company has to offer.

Cottonwood Market

Formerly known as Richardson Mercantile, Cottonwood Market has an eclectic mix of goods for sale from all over the world. Visitors say it’s easy to lose track of time browsing everything this market has to offer, including antique items, unique furniture, décor and art, all sold from local vendors. Cottonwood Market encourages you to shop around and give these local business owners your support. With hundreds of vendors and so many unique, one-of-a-kind items to choose from, there’s no telling what you’ll end up buying at Cottonwood Market. 

Isabelly’s Chocolates and Sweet Treats

Isabelly’s Chocolates and Sweet Treats is a family-owned business that offers, as the name suggests, a delicious range of hand-made treats. When you visit this quaint little shop, you’ll be invited to sample their chocolates, cake balls, or any other treats you’d like. The special holiday treats are the real pride of this business, and have received rave reviews from customers. Whether you’re looking to get a gift box for a friend or enough sweets for a conference or party, your guests will love these homemade treats.

Renaissance Hotel

As soon as you step into the Lookout Atrium of the Renaissance hotel, you’re sure to feel more relaxed. Everything about the Renaissance Hotel encourages a relaxing, stress-free stay. The rooms are all equipped with deluxe platform beds and Samsung smart TVs, as well as allergy-friendly bedsheets. Start your morning right at the hotel’s Before 5 Coffee shop, which offers grab-and-go breakfast foods and Starbucks coffee. If you’re returning to the hotel after a long day, take a load off with a local draft beer at the After 5 Lounge. The hotel even has a studio room with a TV wall, so you can enjoy your favorite sporting event on a screen comparable to a movie theater. The Renaissance Hotel, at just under 33,000 of space, is the perfect destination for weddings, business trips, or travelling families. This hotel is even pet friendly, for anyone who doesn’t want to leave their furry friends out of the fun!

Backdoor Comedy Club

If you’re looking to sit back, relax, and have some good laughs with your friends, the Backdoor Comedy Club is the spot for you. Named “Best Comedy Club” by D Magazine and the Dallas Observer, this comedy club hosts high-profile comedians from Comedy Central, Showtime, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and more. The Backdoor Comedy Club has a cozy vibe, meant to capture the feeling of standup comedy’s roots, with a style reminiscent of the original comedy rooms in places like Los Angeles and New York City. This club has been open for twenty years, and still stands out as the primary spot to find great standup comedy in North Texas. This is a great spot for a night out, or to celebrate a birthday. Visit the Backdoor Comedy Club to see why the Dallas Observer calls it “the hottest showcase room in the southwest.”

With everything from comedy clubs to local breweries and even its own Chinatown, Richardson is full of places to visit and sites to see. Travelers are sure to find something to love about this pocket of DFW, which boasts a range of cultural influences without losing its Texan charm. Once you’re done sightseeing in this bustling city, there’s plenty of places to settle down for a meal or a drink at the end of the day. And with so many parks to explore, kids are sure to have a good time, too!